Biography and Statement

        My art career began when Abstract Expressionism was recognized as the new American Art. Exhibitions at New York galleries made a lasting impression— to make a
visual conceptual statement.

        I traveled to understand how artists perceive life in their time. I have seen original art collections in historical context in Europe—France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherlands; England, Scandinavia, Mexico, Central America, and United States art museums and regional workshop communities.

        I consider how my art-making can be influenced by masters of perception. My art direction is to make artifacts from imagination and recall. I focus on ways to work through my ideas to a completion.

        In retrospect; the draughtsman-painter works on a two-dimensional surface. The artist applies imagination to envision an experience through which personality dictates how a composition will be completed. For example, although three representative artists may be in the same viewing position to render a landscape or figurative subject, the completed art works are different. The difference can be style— photo-likeness, impressionism, or abstraction. A critic may note differences in the artist’s temperament, an alliance with social issues, or a challenge to the avant-garde of the time—the art of the new.

        There can be no objective conclusion, except that all art making is subjective. Ultimately, distinctions are based on individual creations as a “body of work”—foreground-background, perspective, modeling, outlined shapes, light and color tonal gradations and the path of the viewer’s eye over a two-dimensional surface.

        My artwork is original.  I do not copy or draw from human figures or landscapes. I make a series of abstract line drawings within a square or rectangle ratio. When I like some of the drawings, I select one and “scale-up” the line drawing by projecting it onto a stretched canvas of the same ratio. Then the work begins to develop a balanced composition with lines, shapes, perspective, paint and color.

        My intention is to resolve the composition—to find a solution and settle the challenging intuitive process. Sometimes it will take a long time to make decisions.  That is why I work on more than one painting at a time (with different image compositions). In this way, I am creating original artifacts in the spirit of my time and place.

        Jack Martinelli